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Qualifications and Experience

I trained and practised as a psychodynamic counsellor in 1990’s (Westminster Pastoral Foundation) and worked in the voluntary sector until I began my Registered Mental Health Nurse Training in 1996.  I qualified as mental health nurse in 1999 and after further experience in NHS inpatient and outpatient settings I took further qualifications in the treatment of drug and alcohol problems.  I have experience and training in running therapy and psychoeducation groups and in treating individuals with a range of moderate to severe mental health problems.

I have also been a nurse manager and supervised junior nurses and mentored trainees.  I became interested in the CBT approach to treating people with a wide range of psychological and mental health problems and undertook the Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy post graduate training in 2006 - 2007 at the University of London (Royal Holloway).  On completion of the training I worked for 6 years in two NHS services delivering CBT to patients in primary care settings and also had a small private practice.  I decided to leave the NHS in 2013 and now work full time as an independent therapist.  I have been a BABCP accredited therapist since 2009.

Since qualifying in CBT I have developed a special interest in MIndfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and have had further training in this approach. I have been involved in delivering this intervention to groups for the treatment of relapsing depression.  I also teach clients to use Mindfulness skills as a useful tool for getting to know their minds and emotions and being more able to have choice about how to respond consciously in situations rather than reacting automatically and unhelpfully.  

Another mindfulness based approach that I find useful is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which comes under the CBT ‘umbrella’ of cognitive behavioural therapies. I have attended several trainings and conferences on the application of ACT for treating psychological and mental health problems.

I completed the EMDR 3 part training in 2013 in London with Richman EMDR Training - which is an approved training by EMDR UK and Europe.

As an accredited therapist it is important that I am aware of the latest research on CBT interventions and best practice.  This involves reading professional journals, attending workshops and trainings to further my knowledge and experience.

My psychotherapy is informed by 20 years of experience of working with individuals and groups with psychological and mental health difficulties which range from mild to severe.  I have worked with individuals from all walks of life and this experience enables me to have a broad, empathic understanding of the nature of human problems.